Asset Management


OHCA Group, Ltd. offers a wide array of services to manage aviation assets on your behalf. Below briefly describes many of our more prominent, established programs:

Consignments: OHCA Group, Ltd. offers the means to liquidate your aviation assets for optimal financial return.

Supply and Support Programs: OHCA Group, Ltd. can stock inventory in your warehouse or otherwise hold inventory for your exclusive use.

Exchanges: Use of OHCA Group, Ltd. component exchange pool to get serviceable parts available for use quicker.

Leases: Aircraft, Engine, APU, rotable stock pools and other major aviation equipment are available on a lease or purchase / leaseback basis.

Financing: Bridge financing or joint venture / equity partnership financing is available.

Inventory Management: OHCA Group, Ltd. will assist in the planning, stocking, storage and other logistic activity phases of select inventory on your behalf.

Technical Support: OHCA Group, Ltd. offers engine and aircraft technical consulting and support.

Repair Management: OHCA Group, Ltd.offers Engine management and component repair management as a result of our experience and relationships with most of the MRO’s worldwide.

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